1:1 Manifestation Coaching

(Available in English and Dutch)

This is for you, if you:

  • Are entirely new to Manifestation and would love to learn how to ATTRACT your desires instead of hustling for them.
  • Tried several manifestation techniques (the vision boards, the gratitude lists, the meditations etc.), but haven’t seen any of your manifestations SHOW UP and you’re wondering what you are doing wrong?
  • Dipped your toe into the spiritual side of manifestation, but would like to know more about the actual SCIENCE behind it, so you can eradicate any doubt and instead cultivate the faith that you NEED to successfully manifest.

This is for you, if you:

  • Already have a basic understanding of what manifestation is all about, but are looking to dive DEEP into the Laws of the Universe, uncovering limiting beliefs, inner child healing and much more.
  • Are ready for a longer commitment to yourself, doing the INNER WORK & being held accountable for your own progress (but would like somebody to guide you through this).
  • Are able to make an investment in yourself, knowing that this investment is an energetic exchange for the major uplevel your are going to RECEIVE.

"Become a vibrational match for your desires"


(EN + NL)

Thank you SO MUCH Chayenne! Working with you has been an absolute dream, you have such a beautiful and natural gift for this work, I felt so at ease with you and felt I could really open up and get to the root of my issues. I have felt massive shifts in my life and I have taken action on all of your suggestions. I am so grateful I decided to work with you and cannot recommend your sessions enough, they are SO powerful and transformative.

– Sophie Mizrak, 30

Ik had een fantastisch mooie sessie met Chayenne. Het was super laagdrempelig en ik kon alles rustig vertellen. Er werd goed geluisterd maar vooral ook goed ingespeeld op mijn verhaal, wat er zou kunnen helpen en wat ik er zelf actief aan kan doen. Ik voelde me heel erg op m’n gemak en vooral ook begrepen. Ik zou het iedereen aanraden, twijfel je stuur dan gewoon een berichtje, want Chayenne is echt een hele lieve vrouw die de tijd voor jou en je vragen neemt zonder dat je voelt dat je iets moet. 

– Elise den Os, 25